Face Massage



Sculptural Face Lifting (SFL)
The fact is that with age it becomes not enough to simply moisten and feed the skin, and it's necessary to activate the exchange processes in tissues on a deeper level. The problem is located a bit deeper, namely in the muscles, it is their "toning" that effectively aids the facial procedure's effectiveness.
Sculptural Face Lifting  (SFL) technique is an anti-gravity method designed to lift the face, strengthen its muscles, correct its form and remove unnecessary sagging. This technique was developed by the Israeli cosmetologist and massage therapist Yakov Gershkovich, and quickly gained worldwide popularity.
SFL technique does exactly what it spells. In fact, the therapist becomes a skillful sculptor who moulds the client's face, correcting problematic areas and creating ideal, youth-like lines.
The method's key to success lies in its simultaneous focus on two different phases: lifting & buccal (intra-oral). During the lifting phase, the therapist literally sculpts the face anew, getting rid of all excess: double chin, puffy sagging cheeks, misplaced eyelids, lowered mouth corners, wrinkles between the eyebrows, etc.
The buccal phase is carried out through the oral cavity using especially thin sterile gloves. The muscles are worked on in short sessions through different methods, that help restore facial tone and relieve any existing tension in the area. The client feels like his face is filled from the inside.
Combining these techniques leads to an effective non-surgical face lift and, more importantly, is in itself a natural process, which opposes plastic surgeries' tendency to form a new face and ignore natural rejuvenation mechanisms.




You can enjoy and benefit and with just one treatment, however there is a cumulative effect, and you would benefit more fully from a course of treatments.
Benefits of SFL:
eliminates muscle spasms
stimulates the fibroblast cells to produce better quality and quantity of natural collagen and elastin
eliminates mimic wrinkles and sagging
improves muscle tone
improves complexion
eliminates swellings, under eye bags and dark circles
eliminates antigravity ptosis (upper eyelid drooping)
restores contours of the neck, chin and cheeks
emphasises cheekbones
eliminates blockages, clamps, stress and anxiety
SFL is a lot like a fitness course with a personal trainer.
Do not get surprised if after the treatment your friends will wonder where you’ve rested so well or in which clinic you underwent a plastic surgery. People around you won’t suspect that all it takes is skill and extensive knowledge of a therapist who practices this method. Be beautiful!



Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage
It uses a specific massage technique to move the skin over the pathways of the lymph. This triggers the musculature of the lymphatic vessels to contract more frequently which promotes the elimination of waste products, harmful toxins and excess fluid from the tissues, spring cleaning your skin from within.
The quality of the skin is intimately related to the quality of the blood and lymph. By cleaning the interstitial fluid (the fluid within the tissues) your skin cells are provided with a healthier environment in which they can thrive, thereby boosting your skin's radiance.
When the lymph is flowing the cells are being bathed in a fresher fluid which causes the skin to look more fresh and alive.
Very precise, gentle, rhythmical movements are applied to the surface of your skin with the pads of fingers which stimulates the movement and circulation of your lymph, helping your lymphatic system to do it's job more efficiently. Decongesting the lymph is particularly beneficial for skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and acne and beneficial for the health of your skin in general.
Benefits of regular Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage:
• A healthier and firmer connective tissue which results in improved skin tone and elasticity
• The removal of excess fluid and toxins reduces puffiness, boosts skin glow and improves facial contouring
• The eyes look clearer and brighter
• Enhances wound healing function so speeds up of the healing process after surgery or injury to the face or neck
• Relief from the discomfort of sinusitis
• A relaxing and soothing effect on the central nervous system which can aid a better night's sleep
Benefits are noticed after a single treatment however a course of treatments is going to produce the best results. 8 to 12 weekly treatments are recommended as a starting point. Monthly follow-up sessions are recommended to maintain the original results.
The treatment includes: a cleanse, massage, a custom mask and application of serums and other products.
The treatments is 1 hour long.




Oriental Fusion Face Massage is a truly holistic, deeply relaxing treatment that incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques drawn from both Japanese and Indian Face Massage. It also incorporates complementary techniques from Acupressure, Facial Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.
The massage involves smoothing and lifting techniques and the use of special acupressure points, which are strategically combined to help improve the complexion and muscle tone, remove toxins from the face and reduce puffiness whilst balancing the life force energy and releasing blockages.
Oriental Fusion Face Massage acts as a natural face lift and offers a safe alternative to invasive surgery. The massage produces the equivalent of an acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatment but without the insertion of needles and unlike surgery it has no ill side effects.
This treatment not only helps to reverse signs of ageing but will also leave you feeling relaxed, stress free and at peace with the world. Oriental Fusion Face Massage releases stresses and traumas locked deeply into the muscles of the face, head and neck. Our face is often a mask, hiding who we really are, and it takes much energy to maintain this "front". Dropping this mask can be the door to profound relaxation and inner ease.
Organic products will be used for the treatment.
The treatment includes: cleansing - facial massage - application of a custom mask.
The treatment is extremely relaxing, and many clients fall asleep. You can enjoy and benefit and with just one treatment, however there is a cumulative effect, and you would benefit more fully from a course of treatments. Please allow 1 hour for the treatment.
Benefits of Oriental Fusion Face Massage:
improves skin suppleness
reduces and releases any muscle tension in the face and jaw
reduces expression lines and wrinkles
tightens and lifts facial contours firming and toning facial muscles
increases the elimination of toxins and the supply of nutrients to the cells
relieves stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain
enhances mental and physical relaxation
balances “Qi” (chi), improving the health and appearance of the facial tissue



If you need some extra pampering why not treat yourself to a Classic Organic Facial with extended massage? It is a 1.5 hour long luxurious treatment combining steps of a facial routine and rejuvenating and balancing Oriental Fusion Face Massage. Perfect for indulging in some blissful "me time"!



Gua Sha Face Massage
Gua Sha Therapy has been traditionally used in Eastern countries for thousands of years and passed on from generation to generation. The method, techniques and tools are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Like acupuncture, it is based on the concept of promoting vital energy Qi by unblocking stagnation. Gua Sha comes from two different Chinese words. "Gua" means scrape, scratch, rub or extract. "Sha" refers to a type of stagnant energy that is believed to cause pathogenic heat build-up within the body. Taken together, the term Gua Sha means the act of scraping the skin to remove energy blockage. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, by bringing heat to the skin surface, Gua Sha releases the blocked energy, blood and other fluids containing metabolic waste that congests tissues and muscles.
The Gua Sha tool is a smooth piece of jade, rose quartz or bian stone usually with a rounded edge specifically suited for the contours of the face.
Traditional Chinese body Gua Sha uses a rather vigorous scraping technique, however only gentle pressure and relaxing techniques are required on the face area. Even a gentle scraping will cause facial skin to redden but this will settle down within a couple of hours. The technique will be used around the eyes, on the forehead, on the cheekbones and jawline, the nasolabial fold and the lines around the mouth.
Benefits of Gua Sha Face Massage:
helps ease sinus pain, headaches, TMJ disorders and relieve muscle stress
increases circulation and skin cell nutrition
brightens the complexion
improves lymphatic drainage and helps decrease puffiness on the face
aids in eliminating dark circles under the eyes
can effectively reduce clogged pores
helps control acne by cooling down pathogenic heat build-up caused by stagnation and thus reducing acne causing inflammation
helps reduce acne scarring
from anti-aging perspective, it helps to promote skin renewal, minimise fine lines, restore facial skin tone, tighten the chin and enhance the ability of the skin to absorb products
The standout effect however is the contouring powers of the Gua Sha. 
It can seriously sculpt and define cheekbones and jawline, allowing metabolic waste to drain and muscles to become free of tension – enabling them to do their supportive jobs properly.
Gua Sha is not just a skin-deep treatment for temporarily effect. Because the meridian lines are stimulated on the face, head and neck, organs such as the stomach, liver, spleen, heart and kidneys start to function at their optimal capacity thus promoting youth and balance from within.
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 Myofascial & Buccal Face Massage 
Facial ageing is a multifactorial process, as bones, muscles, fascia, fat and skin change. This advanced facial treatment works on many areas of facial ageing and facial changes.
It enables work on the deepest structures of the face allowing correction of face shape and it's symmetry, improved muscle tone and lymph and blood circulation. This massage isn't a typical relaxing massage as it penetrates much deeper into the tissues, so more pressure and more grip should be expected. Most techniques are performed on dry skin.
 It involves a combination of deep fascial work, intra-oral (buccal) massage and lymphatic drainage to remould your beauty in the safest way.
Let's look into the breakdown of facial ageing and how this massage is beneficial.
The surface of the skin can only reflect the structures supporting it and creating it. This outer surface, called epidermis, becomes rough and wrinkled mainly due to the decreased circulation in the deeper layers causing fascial restrictions, fibrous adhesions and muscle imbalance. To increase circulation in the superficial layers, we must remove the restrictions and fibrosis in the deeper layers of the skin before the elasticity of the superficial structures returns.
Fascia is a connective tissue that provides structure to our face. It is designed to stretch when muscles move however its flexibility deteriorates with age. When fascia is restricted, it dehydrates and tightens up around the muscle which creates tension lines, or deep furrows, that follow the fascial webbing structure under the skin. These lines will soften when fascia is released.
Treating and releasing restricted fascia is important for the health of the skin, and this is the area I pay particular attention to during this massage.
Healthy fascia is key to ageing well, as fascia is a big component in many age related changes.
As we age, facial fat becomes more visible as separate pockets of fat rather than a 3D smooth blended appearance of a younger face. This massage works on subcutaneous fat to smooth out fat pads and lift fascial tissues. Fascial fat can be overlooked in fascial ageing. Some heat based aesthetic treatments on the market, like radio frequency, can damage the facial fat which can prematurely age the face.
Stressed and tense facial muscles will affect blood circulation and lymph flow. The muscles on the face and neck are directly attached to the skin, therefore any change in muscle tone has a direct impact on skin health. The massage works on releasing muscle tension through accurate skilful intra-oral (buccal) techniques, thus improving skin health and reshaping the face.
This treatment is a completely natural, safe and holistic method of rejuvenation, where the body and face are treated as one structure. Decollete, shoulders, scalp and neck massage will be also treated alongside facial massage.

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