Organic Facials


Classic Organic Facial is the great way to remove daily stresses and strains from your face and restore that healthy youthful glow to your skin. The focus of this treatment is individualised to your skin needs using a variety of techniques and a selection of organic products. It is a perfect refreshing and restorative treatment for those who are not sure what their skin needs at the moment.

A purification ritual begins with double cleansing, exfoliation and a facial steam bath followed by some extractions if needed. Next, a blend of massage techniques is applied - to sculpt, lift and dissolve muscular tension whilst feeding the skin with plant oils. A custom mask, skin toning and moisturising complete the treatment.

The treatment is performed using Neal's Yard Remedies skin care, which contains only the finest plant ingredients, high in natural healing energies, purity and therapeutic benefits. Depending on your skin type, skin concerns, and preferences, the best-suited NYR organic skincare range will be used. Please allow 1 hour for the treatment.


Benefits of Classic Organic Facial:

  • cleanses pores, tones skin and removes excess oil and dirt
  • stimulates blood supply to the skin and increases its suppleness
  • smoothens wrinkles and fine lines
  • enhances product absorption
  • expels toxins which are then removed by the lymphatic system
  • strengthens the vascular integrity of the face


If you need some extra pampering, why not treat yourself to a Classic Organic Facial with extended massage? It is a 1.5 hour long luxurious treatment combining steps of a facial routine and rejuvenating and balancing Oriental Fusion Face Massage. Perfect for indulging in some blissful "me time"!


Unfortunately, acne does not always go away once you're past your teenage years. Many people are plagued with acne well into their twenties and beyond. However, there is no reason to live with the embarrassment of pimples and blackheads any longer. Clean, treat and prevent adult breakouts with our powerful Clear Skin Organic Facial that jump-starts acne clearing and helps prevent acne well beyond the treatment.

The treatment begins with a deep double cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a steam bath to soften and unclog skin pores. Next, careful manual extractions are followed by 15-20 minutes of High Frequency Therapy which is used to literally zap your pimples. The safe and gentle oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current has been proven to kill acne-causing bacteria and eliminate excess sebum and unwanted toxins while improving skin care product penetration and absorption. The skin is left feeling instantly energized, rosy, firm, refreshed and noticeably softer - even after just one treatment!

Now, with the skin super activated, comes the application of a facial mask that helps you attain radiant clear complexion and eliminates the signs of blemishes. Finally, toning and moisturizing complete the treatment. And of course, we wouldn't let you leave without a 50 SPF sunblock.

The results are excellent. Clear as that.

The treatment is performed using Neal's Yard Remedies skin care, which contains only the finest plant ingredients, high in natural healing energies, purity and therapeutic benefits.


Express facials are designed to give you the most of the benefits of a full facial, in less time. They are a convenient option for people with busy schedules and little time to spare. A treatment consists of cleansing, exfoliation, application of a mask, toner and moisturiser.

Key benefits include:

  •  A quick-fix facial
  • Instantly refreshed and radiant look
  • Ideal booster facial
  • Perfect skin pick-me up
  • A must-have for pre-parties and special occasions


The treatment is performed using Neal's Yard Organic Remedies, which are high in natural healing energies, purity and therapeutic benefits.

Please allow 30 min for the treatment.


Many people have back acne but most do not know what to do to treat this hard to reach area. One alternative is to have a Deep Cleansing Back Facial!

Back Facial is a way of cleansing and exfoliating an area that you cannot get to on your own. The treatment will clear up clogged pores, refine the skin texture, and make it smoother and clearer.

This facial follows the same steps as a traditional facial however with extra focus on exfoliation, extractions and skin disinfection. The back is first cleansed and exfoliated deeply, followed by steaming and comedone extraction. Next, High Frequency machine is used to kill acne-causing bacteria and eliminate excess sebum and unwanted toxins. Then a purifying and oil balancing mask is applied. The final step involves moisturizing the back to hydrate and restore nutrients with light massaging.

Products used in this treatment possess natural purifying, anti-inflamatory and soothing properties and include African Organic Black Soap, Organic Montmorillonite Clay and Neal's Yard Palmarosa range.

A back facial may be used in an overall wellness regime. This will reduce acne and make you look and feel great not to mention the benefits of a little time to truly relax and unwind.


Dry, irritated, dehydrated and mature skins will love Revitalising Organic Back Facial with Massage! It will exfoliate the dead skin, hydrate and brighten the skin leaving you feeling fresh and relaxed with a healthy, glowing back. It might be a good idea before a special event where you will be showing your back in a plunging dress or just before the start of bathing suit season.

Like other facials, having a back facial is relaxing. Because the treatment works directly on your back, your muscles will feel tension releasing. Areas like your neck, shoulders, and mid-section of your back, will benefit from the treatment's massaging motions. This facial follows the same steps as a traditional facial. The back is first cleansed, exfoliated, and gently steamed to open the pores. Some extractions can be included, if required. Soon follows a 15 minute therapeutic Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with an essential oil blend. The massage pressure can be adjusted to the strength you prefer to help release muscle tension and leave you completely relaxed. A custom mask, serum and moisturiser will be applied to finish off your treatment leaving your skin feeling gloriously refreshed and re-invigorated.

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