TIENS Nutrient Super Calcium Powder


Food supplement in sachets, with calcium, phosphorus, vitamins C, A and D, with sweetener. Recommended for strong teeth and healthy bones.



Calcium is one of the most crucial chemical element that builds and regulates our body. It is responsible for strong teeth and healthy bones. The proper concentration of this element ensures normal blood clotting and skeletal muscles contraction, as well as good night’s sleep and mood. We get recommended amounts of calcium from the food we eat. In many cases, to avoid calcium deficiencies, a diet supplement should be considered.

Calcium is a chemical element essential for life. It is responsible for many functions of our body, for example normal function of digestive enzymes and blood clotting. It also ensures normal muscle function and proper functioning of the nervous system. Above all, calcium is an essential building block for bones and teeth. The more of the element is provided to our body in childhood and adolescence, the greater the chance we will have for a stronger, so-called peak bone mass, which is achieved roughly around 30 years of age. Between the age 30 and 50 it is stable, then begins to decrease. Calcium helps to reduce the loss of bone mineral in post-menopausal women. Low bone mineral density is a risk factor for osteoporotic bone fractures. However, this process can start earlier, since up to 99% of calcium is deposited in the bones, and only 1% in the tissues.


TIENS Nutrient Super Calcium Powder contains easily assimilable, ionized calcium compounds derived from calf bones. It is worth remembering that calcium is naturally found in the ionic form. Upon entry into the body, it is converted to a molecular form (an insoluble calcium salt). Such a molecule cannot enter the cell, because only for ions can get across the cell membrane. Thus, it is better to use supplements containing ionized calcium, not calcium carbonate (derived from oyster shells, for instance), which is less digestible and may neutralize gastric juices.

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K help the body absorb calcium, hence their presence in the preparation.

Phosphorus is a macronutrient that is essential for the functioning of cells.  This macronutrient is necessary because contributes to normal function of cell membranes, maintenance of normal bones and teeth.


  • calcium, vitamin D and K – help maintain the proper levels of calcium in the body, which strengthens the bones, prevents osteoporosis and positively affects teeth condition,
  • calcium, vitamin D – have a beneficial effect on the function of muscles,
  • calcium and vitamin K – ensure proper blood clotting,
  • calcium relieves the symptoms of allergies,
  • calcium supports the proper functioning of the nervous system,
  • vitamins E, A, C – keep the skin, hair and nails in healthy condition and prevent ageing
  • vitamin D – enhances the body’s natural defence mechanisms.